Q: How do I appeal a ban?

Sometimes we will reverse a ban if you contact us and state your case. However, before appealing please read the following carefully:

1) We frown upon liars. We have access to server logs and custom reports for identifying people who use multiple accounts. If you lie to us and we catch you, you will almost certainly never be allowed to recover your account. Try being honest!

2) Sometimes it takes us a few days to get around to your case. Do not submit the same appeal more than once unless it has been over 3 days or so.

3) The more you abuse the site, the less likely we will let you back in. In other words, if you logged in and played three accounts every day over a week, we probably won’t let you back.

4) In the case of illegal alts, we will only unban your main account. We will give you the opportunity to merge the others together for 45BP per character (the cost of a legal alt) if it’s a minor case.

To appeal a ban:

You can use the Contact Us page to appeal a ban, even if you aren’t logged in.