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LOLERSKATES111male reproductive organ Posted:

Well, I think that in terms of being a game, the forums are more beneficial the way they are. Constantly scrolling to the bottom of the page (since the pages are medium length) would slow down game play and not really add anything.

I’m not sure on the 4 per day limit. Game pacing is always somewhat annoying, but is the game even “finished”? Also, the puzzles may pick up quite a bit, and a lot of things may not require too many forum visits. Perhaps look at forum visits as “grinding” MMO style, and developers wanting people to explore more options than what comes down to a very simple (so far) turn based fighting game. If that were all the game was about, you’d have people complaining within a week for lack of content. The limitations need to be set in such a manner that you cannot outlevel the quests through grinding to make them trivial, at least not as quickly as someone thinking through the quests. This is a tough balancing act for sure.

Right now, the game feels relatively complex. Not overly so, but nicely, with a short learning curve. As it progresses, perhaps we’ll see more than enough stuff to worry about without contending with spam emails or such.

well the forums can be made to autoscroll to the bottom, i already mentioned this to king trout and got a reply on it, just here for general ideas collation, so uh…

...that avatar really looks like an ex of mine minus about 10 years and it’s kinda creeping me out a lot. what was i saying? oh yeah, um i agree about the complexity i think it is perfect, and i’m not really suggesting things like the emails and easter egg forums to make the game harder, just… wider? if that makes sense? lots of cool but ultimately useless **** you can poke at. i dunno if anyone here played snatcher but it had this database computer you could search in it and there was pretty much nothing in the context of the game that you couldn’t search for and get info on (a lot of things outside it too), even down to absolutely stupid ****.

oh! i just thought of one. fake ad banners for things like hugo’s house of chainsaw ponies and you can buy a chainsaw pony for your profile.

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