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Avatar: 175636 2012-01-01 09:50:12 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 69 Troll

I am the internet equivelent of Jon Stewart! Except less funny...

So I have like 150Log in to see images!) I’m going to let this thread become a place where newbies to beg for a piece of that 150 beeps. That is not to say that I will actually give them the 150 beeps though they have to CONVINCE me that they are worth investing in. Yes this is an INVESTMENT. I’m not going to waste 150 beeps on a newbie that doesn’t give anything back to the community. If you’re thinking of asking for beeps for nothing in return you can leave this thread now because I’m not interested.

So what the **** do I have to do?

Didn’t you read what the **** I just said? You need to CONVINCE me that you’re not a worthless piece of ****.

Log in to see images! Who the **** are you and why should I care?

Log in to see images! What the **** you gonna spend this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY on?

Log in to see images! Why the **** should I give you this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY?

Log in to see images! What are you going to give back to the community if I do give you this VALUABLE INTERNET CURRENCY?

Log in to see images! How much of the 150 beeps do you want?

I have to tell you how much Log in to see images!

Yes that’s right I’m not going to give them ALL in one go. Think of it this way. If you go for a lower amount of beeps then you’re more likely to get them HOWEVER that is not to say that you can give a half bumed proposal. I want a 110% in your proposal.

So after I do my proposal I’m done right?

I’m also going to question you more after you make your proposal. Like if there’s something I’m not happy about I’ll interrogate you to make sure that you’re worth investing in. Although if you’re going to be a complete fabulous person I’m going to tell you to **** off.

I am a veteran member can I troll yo yo yo?

Trolling? I’ll decide whether it’s acceptable or not. If you’re not sure, bumume that you shouldn’t really troll.

I am a veteran and I want beeps can you give me some?

This thread is mainly for new people because making them beg for bp is much more entertaining than people that have been here for a while. I guess there’s no harm in trying though Log in to see images!


So there we have it. Send in your proposal and I will have a look at it. Remember CONVINCE me to give you that bp. Good luck

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