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Avatar: 190122 2011-07-31 00:25:04 -0400

Level 62 Troll

Mbumive fabulous person Mbumive fabulous person Mbumive fabulous person

Havana Banana Posted:

This i s an easy contest you just have to post up a storm on the forums

This is the breakdown of posting rewards and such:

1bp : drizzle

2bp: tstorm (thunderstorm)

3bp: tropical depression/storm (u have to name it)

5bp: hurricane (i will name this one)

5bp also: tornado

7bp: biblical flood

10bp: some kind of mega storm we dont have a word to name it yet

in case any of u want to be funny guys I DONT WANT PICTURES OF STORMS (cept mayb the last one cause whoa that would be wicked) its figuative but p obviuous what you need to do if you can read.

k good luck.

o yeah this ends in like a month or something i probably will forget about it

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