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Avatar: 21158 2015-06-13 23:07:57 -0400


Level 69 Troll

OMFG! It is MY bum!

megazeroexe Posted:

He is right. Real trolling isn’t posting goatse or doing things like that; a troll’s purpose is to upset as many people as possible or destroy a thread. For instance, About a year ago I got bored with a few friends and we found a devout christian forum. The three of us created accounts, and I posted a topic titled ‘What are your views on abortion?’ and the body being ‘I’ve recently gotten pregnant with my boyfriend (I know, we shouldn’t have had sex but…Log in to see images!

That’s real trolling; posting goatse is what the idiots here do because they think we’ve never seen it before Log in to see images!

Duh, thats obviously true, I was more or less kidding. The point is that subtle trolling wouldn’t kill role-playing, quite the contrary. Only the constant posting of goatse and “you suck”, “stop posting” etc. does.

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