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Avatar: 96079 2010-02-05 18:20:27 -0500

[Deth Krew 2010]

Level 44 Hacker

hi this is pcp saying i miss m0x

I’ll probably get shot down, but how about two new subforums; a clbum RP where you play as your forumwarz clbum, and a non-clbum RP where you can take on a different persona per thread? I’m really not to into that, but I’ve seen some people pretend they’re fake characters (super heroes, science fiction characters, whatever) and write an entire interactive story about whatever the plot is and plan it all out beforehand throughout private talks, like one mbumive collaborative book.

I’ll just post an example of how it would work as I’ve seen on other forums:

Somebody will come along and get a great idea for a story (or a not so great idea) and try to start a story with one long, well developed post introducing the premise of the world they’re living in, their character name and description, and what’s so unique about them/what powers they have. An example post for a description would be:



Description (Hair color, facial structure, clothes, style, talents, other important information):

What powers they possess if relevant to the story:

I personally think RP like that (which is actual RP) is a little lame, but the outcome of the good ones is incredible; some get 10+ pages long and it’s like a full-out novel.

This would have to be heavily moderated, because I’m sure most people who create not so great stories will be trolled to death and people will create a character just to say “AND THEY ALL DIE AND GET SKULL-****ED BY ZOMBIES THE END” or something, but it could possibly work and if advertised correctly, bring a lot of people who into animes/cosplaying into that specific forum and give them somewhere to talk without being harbumed like in the current RP forums.

Just an idea, but I’d honestly like some feedback on this.

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