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Avatar: 146808 2012-12-30 22:05:41 -0500

[Deth Krew 2010]

Level 69 Hacker

Scared of death

The Rimleader III: Taming of the woman's genitals

The Rimleader is BACK! And this time he’s on the prowl for some fearsome felines!


    Lance “The Rimleader” Hardwood as The Rimleader

    Presenting… The Terrible Twosome!

    Hugh “Giggles” Rection as Giggles the Clown

    Craven “Baggy” Morehead as Baggy the Clown

    And lastly… The Fearsome Threesome!

    Fiona “Feline” Fierce as Lion No. 1

    Hannah “Hairy” Rockwell as Lion No. 2

    Candy “Claw” Samples as Lion No. 3

Extract from Act II, Scene III

Clown car pulls into centre of the ring, Feaarsome Threesome surround the car.

Giggles: Hehehehey there ladiessss, feeling a little hoorny? (Honks car horn)

Baggy: (Laugh manically)

Fearsome Threesome: (Growl, begin to strip, push breasts against car)

Baggy: I think we’re in luck here Giggsy! (More laughter)

Enter The Rimleader

The Rimleader: Now now, what’s going on here! What’d I tell you two about going near my woman's genitals! Looks like there’s a bit of dicipline needed! (Cracks whip on Lion No. 1’s bum)

Giggles: No boss we weren’t doing nothing of the sort!

The Rimleader: Oh no Giggles, it’s a bit too late for that…


Chawin edited this message on 01/07/2010 7:10PM
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