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Avatar: 99411 Thu Dec 25 13:38:10 -0500 2008

[Very Busy Klan]

Level 14 Permanoob

“/b/tard ”

Yeah fine upstanding member of societys

I have …a few …quibbles about the Art Portal.

The main one being the quality work that gets through.

Its pretty damn obvious that a fair amount of **** gets through the portal, when no effort or time is put into it , and it seems to get through by people’s little interbuddys scouting them and voting 5 straight away. Being

generic also helps if you can’t be bothered to put in the effort.

I see others work, and although they may not be the best artists on the site, they deffinately have potential .

And yes i’d like to see the Art Portal full of nothing but the best, but at the same time people will never become the best, unless they receive crit, so they can self improve.

Unfortunately these people get less attention then the ’ lolface’ drawing idiots we harbour.

I feel the scouting system is a good way to get artists through, the same as the flash portal, but instead the work can be uploaded and found at a diffrent time ( an hour, a day, a week later ).

I just feel that be able to scout someone is a privallige, its showing the artist has been reckognised for their work, but as you can see, its abused.

Possibly some sort of limit to who can scout? Some form of qualification on who could scout, and how may times they cans cout in a certain time frame…

My last point is the reveiws. Basically i like to reveiw submissions, but in them i give crit, and i like to see how the artist responds to them, to see if more advise could be offered/ the conversation taken into a little more depth.

But i have to either favourite every submission i reveiw, or remeber where it was/ which one it was.

Some form of notification would be good, like the one under ’ My Account ’ that shows ” Flash Reveiws With Author Response ”.

I really love the art forum, and take it seriously. AFtre all this timewaiting, and the Admin’s hard work on making it, i feel its taken a little forgranted.

If i’m skipping ahead of plans and rushing people, then sorry, if this has helped then alls good.

I just needed a good rant about it.

* Thanks to ReNeaNea for pointing me in the right direction to post this.

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