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Avatar: Bacteria

[Smooth Town Rebels]

Level 10 Troll


Bigguyinblack Posted:

These stats reflect items and attacks that will actually be used.


Buffs to Troll offense: Baby Sealskin Overcoat +3 or Heterozygous Tiger +5 Offense – Leather Cat Mask +1 Offense (Must buy from Pwn Shop) – Fap +3 Offense (Long duration)

Buffs to Troll defense: Baby Sealskin Overcoat +10 Defense – Starter Pack Defense +5 – Tinted Sunglbumes +2 Defense (Must buy from Pwn Shop)

Troll attacks base damage: Yo Momma 35-40 – Insult 20-25 – Spoil 11-12

Consumables: Jimson Weed 5x Extract Douchebaggery +60/92 Flezz


Buffs to Emo offense: Emo Kid Starter Pack +2 Offense – Eyeball Piercing +5 Offense – Gothic Script Tattoo +3 Offense

Buffs to Emo defence: Starter Pack +2 Defense – Eyeball Piercing +5 Defense – Self-Mutilate +2 Defense (Heals, Long duration)

Emo attacks base damage: Not listed in Wiki.

Consumables: Ex-Girlfriend’s Cologne Tears +60/38 Flezz


Buffs to Camwhore Offense: Starter Pack +1 Offense – Ultra-Heel, El Elegante, Ow, My Eyes, Red Strap-Ons +5 Offense – Leather Cat Mask +1 Offense – Pump Me Up +4 Offense (Also heals, Low duration)

Buffs to Camwhore Defense: Red Strap-Ons +5 Defense – Harris Piltons™ +3 Defense

Camwhore attacks base damage: Threaten to Contact Authorities 60-65 (refresh of 2) – Vivid Description of Sexual Escapades 30-35 – Flirt 6-10

Consumables: L’ORLY Lipstick Sexiness +50/69 Flezz


Offense – Camwhores start with 6-7 extra Offense and have attacks that deal much higher base damage then Trolls. Emos start with +10 Offense and presumable have attacks that deal nearly as much base damage as Trolls. Trolls start with +3-5 Offense. So what do Emo’s and Camwhores give up for this power compared to Trolls?

Defense – Camwhore defense +5-8 (If rumors of high repair costs are true Camwhores may be prone to leaving off glbumes for grinding), Emos have +7 Defense, Trolls have +15-17 Defense.

Consumables: Emos get cheap consumables but I was surprised to learn that Camwhore consumables are noticeably cheaper then Trolls.

Camwhores and Emos do way more damage then Trolls. This let them excel in Domination by earning more Lemon scoops for fast runs, more Vanilla scoops for pwning more forums faster overall, and extra Flezz for gambling. That extra Flezz is earned because more offense in the high level forums means less attacks needed and less turns to be attacked. Less turns being attacked means less damage to equipment and cheaper repair costs.

The one thing Trolls excel at is Defense and it just isn’t enough.

Crotch Zombies please take some time out to reexamine clbum balance.

Quote from Bigguyinblack. I think trolls should be buffed.

Tarman edited this message on 04/06/2008 11:11PM
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