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Indiana Jonas

Avatar: 13850 2014-12-19 09:36:26 -0500

[At Least I Never M-
ade A Failure Of A-

Level 35 Troll


Thanks for the reply. Real quick:

1337xxxxxxxxxlolololololololololxxxxxxxxx1337 Posted:

2. Anon forum was added (presumably to filter out the crap a little), but after a short time the spam in other rp forums actually increased.

I would say they made it to make some of our /b/retheren feel more at home Log in to see images!airly obvious.

1337xxxxxxxxxlolololololololololxxxxxxxxx1337 Posted:

When you join a new community you should adapt to it. Almost all of the ED and 4chan people haven’t tried to do this. I can’t honestly think of any of them who rp in the rp section. Most of them, if you speak to them outside of rp, you find that’s their real personality. I was against it at first, but maybe there really should be rules that you have to rp over there.

Maybe you should even bumign mods to specific forums and let the rp ones mess with people or ban them to other forums instead of real bans.

The main problem is that forumwarz was such a small niche community to begin with it didn’t stand a chance once the mbumive waves of terrible unfunny people came. It’s one thing when the existing community outnumbers the new people coming in, but with the two mbumive influxes of people from the dark corners of the internet, forumwarz had no hope of maintaining an identity. It’s pretty much a lost cause unless something is done to let quality posters carve out a part of the boards and hold it to some kind of standard.

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