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Avatar: Corset 2


Level 35 Camwhore

“Legs Wide Open”

So, I’ve decided to my peen needs extending…

This contest will run until I get the Flamebate Fodder and Miss Popularity e-peens, or until 9am July 10th (GMT +10:00) – whichever comes last.

At that point, I will use’s random number generator to pick four posts in this thread and, provided the charcters who made the posts have also friended me, those four characters will get 4BP each. If the same character (including alts) is drawn multiple times, another number will be generated in order to spread the BP around a bit more (one account can only win once).

Two conditions which could help you win more BP

1) In order to make this contest not just about trolling and friend-whoring, if your character has posted somewhere in this thread with some sincere feedback about Forumwarz (eg, what you like/dislike about the game or how you think it could be improved), and one of your posts in this thread is chosen, you will get an additional 5BP. Doesn’t matter if it’s an alt’s post, it just needs to be somewhere in the thread (hopefully mods will help me confirm this).

2) If I manage to get the friend-whore peen and the top flamebater peen before 9:00am July 10th (GMT +10:00), the four characters drawn will get a bonus 1BP each, bringing the total possible prize pool to 4 x 150BP prizes.

So, go nuts! (preferably SFW nuts Log in to see images!)

(tl;dr: Post in this thread with sincere feedback about Forumwarz and friend me for your chance to win 135BP, 150BP if I get Miss Popularity and Flamebate Fodder within a week)

Edits for clarification:

Multiple posts are allowed, but you must be able to point me towards one sincere feedback post, and you can only win once per account.

If one of the winning posts was written by a character not my friend (character, not account) then another number will be generated.

Edit as of 18/2/10

now a prize pool of 1000 BP. total possible prize pool of 4* 250 bp prizes. new date for last bonus condition: 1st March, 2010. regret allowing spamming, but go nuts.

phantom_glee edited this message on 02/17/2010 10:55PM
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