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Evil Foreskin

Avatar: Crying Painting

Level 6 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

I’m thoroughly confused…the only ppl who use the term Yankee that I am aware of are southern inbred buck-toothed knuckle-dragging rednecks who can’t understand ppl from the north.

Do you perhaps mean “Yanks”? Based on everything else you’ve posted it’s clear that you’re not a southerner, but I’m having a hard time telling if you’re a Chav or whatever post-abortive familial rejections are referred to in Aussie land.

I think you’re missing some words or syllables or letters or something, try putting a few more in and maybe then I can determine what specific stereotype your pathetic excuse for a human being ascribes to.

Evil Foreskin edited this message on 04/01/2008 1:27AM
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