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I would like to see a good post on this forum. Make it happen:

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  • Write a short, FUNNY text post (not a pic, though you can include pics/emotes). I’m thinking a couple paragraphs, but if it’s good I won’t care how long it is. I don’t care if you choose something else, but I’ll say write it as “something that happened to you” (fictional). You can write in-character or not. You’re not being judged on grammar, but creativity, style, and humor.
  • The winning entry gets 5bps! It was once 3bps! Now it is 5! This is the only edit in the OP! Please to be seeing my toxx quote am are not having edit on it for to be comparing.
  • Contest ends on July 1st at whatever time in the morning I end it.
  • There is no limit to number of entries, but don’t spam.
  • I am the judge. There will not be a community vote.
  • Everyone is encouraged to empty-quote posts they like and troll posts they don’t (trolling is allowed). The empty-quoting is in case a post started off terrible and I just stopped reading it (yes, I will probably do that). The trolling is because I’m against anti-trolling regulations and a member of the Forumz Reformist Movement. Also, please – if you think something is copied from somewhere, speak up.
  • 4chan ****/memes will not win. A story about molesting a child will disqualify you from the contest. If your post turns into a Rickroll or Fresh Prince, it will not win.
  • If you want to post in-character on different alts, go ahead. This character was cheated on and I am not eligible for the Flamebate epeen/leaderboard, so you are not working against yourself or your friends by posting in this thread. This contest is solely for my entertainment. Dance, puppets.
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    1337xxxxxxxxxlolololololololololxxxxxxxxx1337 edited this message on 05/20/2009 1:21AM
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    Have fun playing!
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