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ALSO A male reproductive organSUCKING ****WAD

Shii Posted:

Did anyone actually READ my post?

EDIT: In case you didn’t, here you go:

Oleg is 100% right. Stolen music accounted for 51% of all mp3 downloads last year; that’s 51% revenue for the companies and artists lost. That means they are having to DOUBLE the price on the rest of the music to make up for it.

Also, providing a service that lets people infringe is just as illegal. It’s called contributory infringement, and regardless of whether they’re causing the direct infringement, it’s just as illegal. Furthermore, it’s vicarious infringement as well, in that they are being compensated financially for infringement occurring under their supervision.

They deserve every bit of time that they get.

No, because you used the patently incorrect argument that all illegally downloaded music would otherwise have been purchased.

E: Also, RIAA tends to ‘not be able to locate its clients to pay out royalties’ (including bands as small and unheard of as, say, U2). There’s a Wired article on it, I’m too lazy to link it. RIAA and MPAA protect the interests of the studios and care **** all about the authors. If you stop writing content, they will find another two bit hack that will debase themselves even more on MTV and replace you.

DOPE-HARDCORE-0 edited this message on 04/18/2009 11:04AM
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