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Avatar: Red Green Flashing


Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Seriously though, happy birthday. If you haven’t gotten started on those 21 beer shots, just do one at the top of the hour, then one every three minutes until you have number 21 exactly one hour later. Then continue with full-size drinks as desired. Make sure the people you are with have cameras! Log in to see images!

Unless you have a tolerance, only 1.5 ounce shots; times 21 that is less than two 16 ounce bottles or three 12 ounce cans.

Or, on further reflection cut back to 1 ounce if you only weigh like 98 pounds. Stop completely if you feel sick. I believe people have actually managed to die from doing beer shots, as crazy as that sounds. Log in to see images!

Or just have a wine cooler, girly-man. Jesus is cool with wine, right? Log in to see images!)

Or no alcohol at all, if that’s how you roll. It’s all good (btw I hate that phrase), just have fun and hopefully do something silly and memorable.

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