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Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington

Right now the 2 most overpowered are Chocolate and Pistachio for scoops and though I benefit greatly from Chocolate scoops (I haven’t had a run over 8 yet and make over 100 choco scoops a week) Soon enough I will be making absurd amounts of scoops from it and a simple cap for submissions would level it out as far as potential for gain is concerned. 20 would be a pretty reasonable number though one’s Buildr score can keep increasing for the purposes of Leaderboards.

Pistachio has much of the same problem though. Yes it’s true that everyone gets runs, but people who are just starting and are level 10 can’t get a run of 88 going, so they’ll be rather discouraged to see a brick wall once they hit a higher bracket if they even make it that far. I seem to have hit a wall and I play with 5 guys in Dom, Pistachio being the only scoop I don’t go for (Although only this alt uses Forumbuildr).

More importantly though, every month Pistachio scoops get a 20 scoop increase to their max which slowly but surely makes all the other types more and more useless, the only possible competition will be chocolate, but the growth on chocolate is random which is a risk in and of itself.

If the gain from Pistachio runs was capped at 20 at a time, that would mean that people could still make a lot from those scoops and would actually have more playing time in Dom since they wouldn’t have to wait another week to get their streak up to making 30+ scoops and for a few weeks they would be making max possible scoops while climbing up the necessary run all the faster. Right now you’d make 20 scoops a day for 13 days so people could play 2 weeks at max potential before having to start the climb again.

Then you’d have 70 Log in to see images! which are safe and cost no visits,

with 20 submissions, 100-125 or so Log in to see images! from Forumbuildr if you’re clever, but they are awarded at random and may put you into the lead where you get hit with an bumhole when you aren’t looking,

84-120 Log in to see images! depending on your speed of pwning which can be risky,

140 Log in to see images! scoops which are safe since you can’t be interrupted by others

up to around 200 or so Log in to see images! scoops depending on lag, being interrupted by others in your run and many other factors which will help balance it out.

Vanilla would have the most potential but be the most risky and difficult to get requiring more skill which is a good thing and presumably what we are looking for presumably, and the potential gain from all of them is fairly equal which was stated as a goal by Vomitron20XX.

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