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Avatar: 21158 2015-06-13 23:07:57 -0400


Level 69 Troll

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The balance of the game certainly isn’t perfect and before new cards and medals are added like it is planned, the base game should be stable or these additions would most likely impair the balance further and be a failure like the last theme weeks. Here some suggestions to rebalance scoops:



70 – 80 scoops per week (theoretically it’s also possible to get some scoops by committing suicide in battle but that’s not a realistic option because that would prevent you from getting much more lemon, pisachio and vanilla scoops; it would also break your pistachio streak. A raise to 8 scoops for martyring 3 times is pointless)

Advantages: safe (you can get the maximum without problems), you can time when you get them, doesn’t use up visits

Disadvantages: you’ll probably lose flezz

Conclusion: The amount of antifreeze scoops is relativly low but that’s fine because it requires neither skill nor visits to get them. Gambling is boring and most players who gamble regularly use Neonas script anyway. A replacement of the Antifreeze limit with an exponential reward system like it is mentioned in the first post wouldn’t make gambling more interesting, it would only reward those players with enough flezz to run the script long enough. It would be nice to have other, more interesting ways to get them.



0- ? scoops per week

Advantages: doesn’t use up visits

Disadvantages: not safe (you don’t know how many you’ll get), you can’t time when you get them

Conclusion: chocolate scoops can be gained by playing INCIT and Forumbuildr. The scoops won by playing INCIT are to few, you’d have to play almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get enough chocolates to be relevant in the higher brackets. It should be raised to 2 or 3 scoops per win. This might also convince some INCIT players to start playing domination.

Forumbuildr on the other hand is unbalanced because the number of submissions isn’t capped and decent players who submit for every new forum get two more submissions every week. This gives players who started early an unfair advantage, some players have already more than 80 submission per week and while it is hard to come up with enough successful ideas this can result in hundreds of scoops. The number of submissions should be limited to 20 per alt.



0 – 84/120 scoops per week (28 visits/40 visits)

Advantages: you can time when you get them

Disadvantages: use up visits, not safe (and lag is often a problem)

Conclusion: lemon scoops are more or less fine. They have lost the relevance they had in the early days of domination but that’s good because this lessens the disadvantage for players with a slow internet connection and those who experience heavy lag.



0 – 294/390 scoops per week once 100 forums are available (28 visits/40 visits)

Advantages: safe, you can time when you get them

Disadvantages: use up visits

Conclusion: pistachio scoops are by far the most powerful flavour and this gets worse every week. Once 100 forums are available a player who finishes his streak will get 294 pistachio scoops or even 390 if he brings in 12 visits from the previous week. As long as the player doesn’t break his streak there is no way to prevent that he gets them and not even lag influences this. Without a high streak it’s pretty much impossible to win in the higher brackets and this forces players to run pistachio streaks permanently.

This sacrifice of visits that can’t be used for other means like grinding for Flezz or Job Board points is justified but that players who have just started a new streak aren’t able to compete isn’t. This is primarily a problem for players without alts – they can’t play dom with another alt until their main reaches the peak of his streak again. Pistachio has to be nerfed, either by capping them at 20 scoops (140/200 scoops in the last week of the streak) or by raising the pistachio scoops gained for every 4 forums pwned only by 1, so that a player who pwns the hundredth forum gets only 25 scoops (154/205 scoops in the last week but much less in the earlier stages of the streak).



0 – 152/224 scoops per week (28 visits/40 visits, if you run 16 visits on rollover some more scoops are possible but that’s risky)

Advantages: you can time when you get them

Disadvantages: not safe (not only the natural turnover is a problem, solo vanilla runs can also be disrupted by other players), use up visits

Conclusion: vanilla scoops are the most interesting flavour from the perspective of a dom player (an INCIT player or Forumbuilder might have a different point of view). It’s possible to get relatively many of them but it’s risky; flawless vanilla runs are rare. It’s also the only flavor you can prevent other players to get by interrupting their solo run, though you’d have to sacrifice visits for that. 8 vanilla scoops for dominating 4 forums at once is fine under these cirgreat timesstances.

Amasius edited this message on 03/04/2009 1:35AM
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