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Avatar: 102042 Wed Jun 03 22:55:29 -0400 2009

[Board of Directors]

Level 35 Hacker


BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

How does it depend on destruction at all? It’s based on the number of scoops earned, not the number of scoops left. And no, Fave flava is not being removed, it just wasn’t used in that example.

Oh, okay. Would the number of scoops that a player had destroyed be displayed, or would it be hidden? Would there be any way to attack people competing for that medal? Perhaps something like a Shield applied to attackers instead of defenders, negating a player’s next attack against anyone?

BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

The only problem that I can think of is that scoops earned would be capped at how many forums there are.. let’s call it 100 (cause that’ll likely be as many as we allow for pistachio capping purposes). That means that you can only get 100 scoops from a raid and it would take 100 visits to get there. Based on previous discussions that doesn’t sound like enough of a benefit for people to raid.

Oh, and also, leeches. Perhaps if we made the 60 hour cap on raiding extended to “all vanilla earning” I’d be OK with this.

Then we can look at balance (perhaps 2 scoops for each milestone – so 200 total for a raid). Thoughts?

At this point, I’m not against an overhaul of how the Raiding system works, the first attempt failed. We’ve spent plenty of time since then restricting it so it doesn’t give too much of an advantage, and now we’re at the end of the spectrum. So a happy medium (or new design) is certainly needed. That being said, there were again another 50+ raids this past week – so that says something.


Why not make it so that when you earn solo Vanilla (or alternatively, when you use visits and aren’t part of a raid), you have to wait for [the number of visits you used / 4] rollovers (rounded up) before you can join a raid, and when you join a raid, you have to wait 3 rollovers to earn Vanilla/join raids?

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