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Escher Posted:

Excluding vanilla, right now things are balanced so that people who want to be competitive in Domination have two ways to go about it: hitting different individual forums in a row to focus on Pistachios while picking up a few Lemon Scoops here or there; or focusing on Lemon Scoops and hitting the forums you know you can speed run with Excellent or better, while maybe picking up a Pistachio or 3 if you have 4 or 8 different forums you can do that at.

One other point to consider during the balancing is the affects of enormous amounts of vanilla have on other flavors. I started this last night during our raid without thinking it through, and now that I’ve considered it I realize that I’m about to pwn the entire Min Scoops system.

By utilizing Switcheroo’s during the raid, I’ve secured myself over 100 (now brought down to 100 via card purchases) scoops in Chocolate, Lemon, and Pistachio. If SotQR is able to pull off one more raid of the same proportions as last night, I will be able to earn Min Scoops with 100 of each flavor.

From what I understand, Min Scoops was intended as a medal possibility for people who are not able to compete with players/klans who are earning mbumive amounts of scoops. With just 4 Switcheroos at the right time, I’ve effectively removed this possibility from the casual gamer.

My own suggestion to fix this would be to not allow cards to be played (or possibly even purchased) for a period of time after Klan Vanilla scoops are earned.

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