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Avatar: 80241 Thu Jul 02 20:10:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Camwhore

I love 12 inch fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organs in my arse

Instead of making a really tough short forum,

make a survival forum with an endless amount of threads, with increasing power.

The forum would be accessible once per day from a Russian hacker NPC (sTalk contact). No forum visits are used, and streaks are not affected.

At every checkpoint, the player would be given a special item (changes daily and varies with performance in the forum). Players can return to the forum later if they are unable to finish in one sitting.

The high number of threads leads to high repair costs, but yields high cred rewards. This makes a great choice for leveling up and gaining great items. For balance purposes, it is also a great flezzsink.

Thoughts? Please keep the comments constructive.

ghax edited this message on 01/28/2009 10:11PM
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