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Ultra Nonce

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Mjolnir Posted:

Klans have multiple advantages in Domination.

1. Klans can organize mbum runs (as the Sisterhood did quite recently) to get a lot of Vanilla for their members. IMO, only those members that actually made a forum run that counted towards a multi-pwn should receive 3 vanilla scoops. Klan ‘spectators’ should receive 1 Scoop.

2. Klan members can upvote each others Forumbuildr submissions, thereby gaining Chocolate Scoops. This is highly abusable, if a concerted effort was made.

3. If members of the same Klan are on the same Domination team, they can easily work together to sabotage other players on that Team. One Klan member can focus on gaining Most Scoops/Fave Flav, while the other one buys Domination cards to screw over anyone that could threaten the first Klan member. And if more than three Klan members were on the same Dom Team, they could effectively shut out any competition, period.

For those reasons, I think the Klan dynamic & effect on Domination Games needs serious consideration.

3 is a non-issue, people work together in Domination even when they’re not in a Klan and is the way klans should play in domination.

1 the way Klans recieve vanillas is fine and doesn’t need tweaking, what does need tweaking is how individuals gain vanillas. Vanilla shouldn’t be a Klan only flava.

Ultra Nonce edited this message on 03/10/2008 2:16AM
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