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Ultra Nonce

Avatar: Woman's Abs

Level 18 Camwhore

world's greasiest camwhore virgin

Vanilla: You would ambum 12 lemons and 1/2/4 pistachios in the process of attempting to recieve 1 vanilla. For Klans vanilla shouldn’t be a problem but for a lone player it is pratically impossible. Possible alternative for solo players: Awarded for pwning consecutive threads without using an item eg. Pwn 20 level 1 threads, 15 level 2 threads, 10 level 3 threads, 5 level 4 threads, 2 level 5 threads or 1 level 6 thread without using an item to recieve a vanilla scoop.

I also have gripes with chocolate as well TBH… Acquisition only through exterior means which could lead to people exploiting forumbuildr to gain medals. But at least it is a feasible way to gain scoops.

Anyone here have similar sentiments?

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