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Avatar: 12797 2015-07-20 16:59:13 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Camwhore

I really do talk ****!

SimplyTHEBEST Posted:

If you want peenz to devalue the more they’re obtained, then have them give each person who gets the peen less and less of a reward for it. After all, being the FIRST person to do something is a LOT more impressive than the 9000th person to do it.

That is almost never true for e-peens. The first person to get almost any leaderboard peen needed to do far less work than those who did it later. For all the automatic type peens it would also skew things yet again against players who don’t function on CZ time and those who haven’t been playing for a long time.

Also, that would take away the incentive for players to hog the leaderboards to keep their peen up.

Your logic does not resemble our earth logic. There is no incentive currently beyond wanting something to be more exclusive, and that exact same incentive would be there. Also, it can actually be a sacrifice to stop “hogging” a leaderboard. One must stop creating threads, stop doing jobs, stop pwning forums, etc. In most cases, when a favor cannot be returned, exactly where is the incentive for a player to stop playing their game in order to let other random players have whatever peen they are at the top of? Honestly, the only one that is really easy to deal with is the friend peen.

Also, Vuron is right, the shrink people got this morning should “regrow” when ET addresses the extra peens bug report I sent in yesterday, so those who picked up the 3 new peens should see growth.

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