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Avatar: 80241 Thu Jul 02 20:10:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Camwhore

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God is a lie.

God is nothing but a political construct used by the government to drug the mbumes into submission. The central tenet behind the concealing mask of religion is that people will willingly subordinate themselves to a religious figure, but not a ruler.

Thus, the government uses a religious figure as a scapegoat to propagate their ideas. The government will select a person, or group of people. These people will take credit for having an epiphany allowing the discovery of the religion. Thus, all governmental ties on the religion seem to have been removed (even though the government and its idea are completely extricable). Since the “religion” has been given to a select group of people, those people have the responsibility to spread the religion. Supposedly, the God told the people to spread the religion after blessing the people. However, in reality, the people are only spreading the governmental policies. Since the people are spreading religions to other people, the ideas are much more believable. Thus, the religion can spread with sufficient velocity. The government does not stop with its control over its own people. For this reason, the government uses warfare and diplomacy to spread the religion to other countries. Thus, multiple governments can cooperate to control their individual subjects.

The mbumes of people are individually too foolish to think for themselves. Thus, they will perpetually listen to the government without question, and follow its every command like sheep.

Thus, the government’s hegemony over the people by means of religion is unquestionable. The people cannot stand up to the government even though the religious symbol is false. The mbumes are too torpid to see through this obviously mendacious, artificial construct of the government.

Thus, all these religious figures are unquestionable false, but the government is able to get away with lying to the people. The people are unable to stop these atrocities. Thus, religion will continue to plague the people and promote the government.


If the religious figure was real, would he not stop these atrocities from occurring?

I don’t see this happening, which gives me reason to believe that the figures cannot be real, even by a large stretch of the imagination.

ghax edited this message on 12/06/2008 9:59PM
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