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Avatar: 23493 2011-10-31 20:46:14 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 60 Emo Kid

The Delightfully Chaotic

I’ve changed this up a bit. To save space I’m not double listing people. Your name will only appear on the list for the highest challenge completed.

Challenge 1 Completed:

Zimtor, King Krimson, CreepPipe, Pinacho, Nicco, Phlegmatic, why_so_srs, Else, 1338h4x, -Ghost-, mooseknuckle, ch0602, AtomicScripter, ZXZ, Johnny Mac, TehJustin, Raepdog, PsycoChihuahua, Maha, bumhurt, BlankTH, Magius, AiSard, Scruffy McWallace, Iggyz, Randomman289, ChibiHermione, JThizz, Slave_Lung, Permabanned

Challenge 2 Completed:

fsdgsdfjijnkn y8 gui, Gay Jebus, Tresxae, right, Newt Hoenikker, Scary_Retard_6, Ashley Riot, xXx-boston-great times-xXx, Randomman289, SilentRaven, The Truth, meeeeeeeeee, Jeeves, sinumpa, VengeanceX, MrDelicious, NoOne, condoleezzabums

Challenge 3 Completed:

-rocky-sadly-, TUBSWEETIE, Tesfan, Mitnick, KaaVink, Theo de Raadt, netlenka, ZombieFAIL, Rastanarcharismarx, right, b3rND, TehJustin, Eglath, Balloon

Challenge 4 Completed:

Hythloday, RESISTY_RELAPSE, Deific Blunder, Nimroth

Challenge 5 Completed:

Fran, Inertia, ****tlebricks (SUPER GENIUS!)

Challenge 6 Completed:

b3rND, Dead Celebrity Seance Droid Mk-10

Challenge 7 Completed:

L337_Tr0LL, KrackAddict, FalconFour

Challenge 8 Completed:

Challenge 9 Completed:

quangntenemy, FFnut, MC Banhammer, b3rND, Jubbles

Challenge 10: WINNER


aSh-gangSTA-685 edited this message on 10/31/2008 1:53PM
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