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Avatar: gopherit's Avatar

[Sisterhood of the -
Quivering Rose

Level 10 Camwhore


For comparison:

Level 8 Camwhore

Ego 180

Sexiness 113

Offense 12

Defense 3

Luck 1

Frugality 1

Charisma 9

Upkeep 1

Alignment Neutral

Devoted upgrades to offense and only went through flirt, textual abuse, and threaten to contact authorities line for attacks. Also did think then pump me up buffs too. Prioritized +sexiness over +ego as upgrade points and equip allowed. No point to focusing on ego with the heal buffs we have.

At this point threaten authority usually takes a thread in one hit with pump me up (~150). During refresh I usually do 2x textual abuse or fit in a pump/XSS/FBO/or drug if necessary (maybe 1 per forum).

This results in using maybe 1-2 drugs per forum. I keep a few +100 ego just in case and might use 1-2 +50 sexiness for the harder forums.

Waiting for level 9, then going to nuke forum.

Spent ~6,000 flezz on equip. Usually get 500-1000 flezz in deliveries.

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