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Avatar: Dust Mite

Level 10 Troll

Unfunny fabulous person

Chopsticks Posted:

Once you’re 18, if you’re a student or a steady job you should have almost no problem getting a credit card that has no additional fees, and a low cap of like 1,000. Just use it in place of debit or cash and build your credit rating, it’ll help you out in the long run.

I got a credit card, except the signature was rejected (!) but it’s okay because the local posty had opened my letter and taped it back together, so if it hadn’t been rejected I’d been in deep **** right now.

So um… yeah. I’ll pbum on a credit card until the postal service becomes reliable and safe… errrr… it’s not like I need the extra credit for anything but certain MMOs. Paypal hates me in the face btw. Apparently if you enter a bank account then **** up, it then gets bound to an email address FOREVER.

But even if I could, for a couple of brownie points, yes. Otherwise no. As it is, I’d have to pay for more than one character.

narth edited this message on 02/27/2008 5:16AM
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