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Avatar: Eirairaianna's Avatar

Level 16 Re-Re

Litening bolt!!!! LOL (in ur faice bad guyz)

Heay gyus, I desided to try and, get teh Popualerity Pen. My Dad sais its not importent too be popualer, but I tihnk hes rong becaes, all teh col kids ar popualer!!@!

Orb and, Bevis-Dargon (oooh I lov dargons!LOL( got teh Pen and, I think FALE Log in to see images!

Im’ not popualer at schol but, you gyus are way coler tahn the stupdi kids at schol so, Im’ not sad abot that. But plese send me a freind reqwets!

LIteniNG BOLT LOL!!!!1!! Log in to see images!

P.S. I f you hepl me get the Popualerity Pen tehn, I wil hepl you. I hav 2 ohter altos or watever you cal tehm, lik other gyus who use tihs compeuter. They wil send you freind reqwests.

Eirairaianna edited this message on 08/29/2008 6:44PM

Eirairianna elf wizerd. LOL. Plese send me a freind reqwets!!@!!

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