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MC Banhammer Posted:

That won’t increase competitiveness. Rather, the opposite. Because that suggestion will force all the heavy-raiders to be split among all (or most of) the brackets and limit even further the non-raiding people who currently don’t have to compete against them. And then they’ll give up even more frequently, meaning your heavy-raiding klan will get all the medals, putting that goal out of everyone else’s reach for good, effectively ending the game for everyone who’s not raiding with you.

Yes, I catastrophize. It’s what I do.

the fact that people refuse to step up isn’t what I’m talking about. That we dominate domination isn’t gonna change, until another faction decides to put in the effort. Log in to see images! (and like spacekadt said, they wont have to compete wit hthe entire clan) as it stands having us all in the same bracket may give people a chance in other brackets, but it decreases all competitiveness in our bracket.

what I mean is limiting ties doesn’t increase infra-clan competitiveness, it just decreases morale, and over all medal counts. Since we dominate the top bracket, we are forced to compete with ourselves, which isn’t any fun really, so instead we’ll just do the trade off thing above.

I mean is it more fun to watch a team play against themselves, or against another opponent? Is it more fun to go to football practice, or to play football against your rivals?

Pickled Dickbutt edited this message on 07/23/2008 1:21PM
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