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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


The Grinning Man Posted:

Well because cooperation even for a smaller piece of the pie is better than trying to go it alone. bumuming even a decent number of people make it to raids then people will still be getting 500-800 scoops on their mains with 3 raids in a week. In contrast even with a ton of choco solo players are largely limited to solo vanilla, pistachio loops and speedruns. Yes big klans will likely fragment in order to maximize self interest but CZ wants more raiding klans rather than one superpowerful one.

Card limits might or might not be too low but this change will encourage raiders to get a handful of switcheroos early on and play them during raids. The rest of the week will be devoted to playing offense cards on your competitors and playing defense when you are in the lead.

Bingebot has also talked about increasing the number of medals each week so the pool might be larger than 4 medals split among one klan.

Yes, more medals may come. I will post a list of the other enhancements we’re thinking. Stay tuned. And yes, we would like more raiding klans, not bigger klans. Although the big klans can make for some good entertainment in Flamebate Log in to see images! Smaller and more raiding groups I think is the key. We don’t limit the number of raid groups (except that you can’t have more then 1 at a time). You can, however, run raids one after another. This means you could run a “main” raid, then an “alt” raid afterwards.. still get the same scoops.. it would just take you more time. Which, for now, is acceptable.

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