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Level 16 Permanoob

“/b/tard ”

BP has been rewarded to ash ketchum so contst is over

okay guys so i saw this commershul on tv and they were talking about this contest thing see where evrybody touches the car and if you let go your out of the contest and the last person touching the car WINS THE CAR

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and i was like omg that is awesome i could ttly do that im pretty good at staying still i think

but i dont know how to drive so i dont need a cra. Log in to see images!

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so anyway i wantde to do a contest liek that but i dont have a car so instead its a contest to see who can stay in the thread the lonegst and if you win you get 1 BP i no not much but im just a kid okay

the rules

you gotta post at least oenc evry hour (based on the time stamps on your post), and to get in on the contest you have to post here within 3 hours of when i post the thread (before tohse 3 hours are up people can do whatevr and dont HAVE to post evry hour)

you can post as much as you want so long as there’s at least one post evry hour

there are no sleep breaks or meal breaks or “hey wait i gotta go to work breaks”

if u dont liek it tuff lol

ill keep track of who is in the contest at the top here

no limit to the numbr of people who can join but you gotta get here in the next 3 hours

okay go

Round edited this message on 07/05/2008 1:07PM
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