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Level 22 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

I’m half Deist half Christian I think. From what I believe, I think that’s the most accurate description of me.

My folks are actual decent human beings and COMPETENT parents, and didn’t make me a part of any religion upon my birth. My father’s an atheist as far as I can determine, and my mother I believe is Church Of England. They just left me to choose for myself.

I’m not baptised, obviously, and I think organised religion as a whole is a ****ing load of bull**** and fabulous personry – or at least the majority is; there are some decent folks who are a part of organised religion, but they’re few and far between. HOWEVER, I do have faith in God and Jesus, just by my own choice and feelings.

I do believe in science and logic though, and see things more as God is a part of everything around us.

I’m guess I’m not completely sure on what I believe exactly. It’s just a mixture of little bits of good advice from various sources, along with a belief in Christ. WHO KNOWS WHAT IT MAY CHANGE TO IN TIME.

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