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Avatar: Skeleton Smoking

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Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Evil Trout Posted:

Seerow Posted:

Aren’t you worried improving “Pump Me Up” that much might overpower it a bit?

I mean, you’re increasing the healing and the buff and making it cheaper all at the same time. Camwhores had issues with being weaker sure… but that just feels like a bit too much to me.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The changes may seem like a lot, but each one is only upgraded slightly.

Also the feedback up until this point has been that Pump Me Up really becomes useless in the higher levels. It’s not worth the time to cast for the benefits it gives you.

If we find that the ability is too good it can be adjusted in the future. Time will tell Log in to see images!

Well I’m comparing it to fap. As from the sound of it, the buff amount is now the same (as fap was only one better to start with), the cost is probably still slightly more, but you gain healing, so every turn you use it is a stalling turn. Now you can also use it more often (it was usable every 3 turns before I think, so every 2 turns now I guess?) so every other turn you shrug off a full hit from the forum, and get +3 offense. (since the overlap stacks, then casting it every other turn doesn’t hurt you at all until you get near the end of the forum, at which point you’re better off using up your 10-20 stacked turns and blowing through it in one steady stream)

Since you’re shrugging off that hit, that makes it better than fap in terms of action cost (with fap you’re losing hp every time you cast it without dealing something in turn. With Pump Me Up, it’s essentially trading sexiness for offense instead, and maybe some healing if the forum is weak enough compared to your defense), the same in effect… so the balancing factor is Sexiness vs Ego.

While Camwhores are often strapped for sexiness, a lot of your changes have been to alleviate that, while making douchebaggerie more valuable to trolls. So it seems to me that either this skill is overpowered, or Trolls need something of a better buff.

Not saying change it now, we can definitely wait and see, I’m just giving my two cents on why the changes could potentially be unbalancing. It’s just a lot of little factors that add together to make it essentially the best buff in the game to date.

Edit: So I missed that fap lasts for 9 turns now Log in to see images! Seerow edited this message on 11/28/2007 11:13PM

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