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Czarnian bum-

Avatar: 43648 Fri Dec 05 19:45:05 -0500 2008

[Bigguyinblack Fan -

Level 35 Emo Kid

"He who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it."

In this contest, wilD-****22 will demonstrate whether or not he has the stamina & endurance to resist trolling (or being trolled) by Team Shortbus. The challenge will last for five (5) days, beginning on a day & time to be specified below. It will end precisely 120 hours after it begins. Successful completion of the contest will result in a ten (10) Brownie Point award to wilD-****22, from Czarnian bumbumin.

Here are the rules of this contest:

1. wilD-****22 may not make any posts in any Forumwarz Flamebate forum, Internet Delay Chat, Incit or Tubmail that either directly or indirectly refer to Team Shortbus as a whole, or any individual member of Team Shortbus.

2. wilD-****22 may not reply to any posts made by any member of Team Shortbus, except in a non-Roleplaying forum.

3. wilD-****22, if replying to a post made by a member of Team Shortbus in a non-Roleplaying forum, may not post anything which could be viewed as antagonistic or disruptive.

4. These rules remain in effect regardless of the nature of any post made by a member of Team Shortbus, in any location, at any time.

5. wilD-****22 may not edit any posts made during this challenge. Any edited post will immediately disqualify wilD-****22.

6. In the event of a disputed rule call, Czarnian bumbumin will defer to the judgment of a ForumWarz Admin (Evil Trout). If Evil Trout determines that wilD-****22 did not violate a rule, then Czarnian bumbumin will abide by that decision.

7. There will be a 5 Brownie Point Bounty to the first (and only first) player, from any Klan, including a non-Klan player, that can provide verifiable proof (as verified by a ForumWarz Admin) that wilD-****22 failed to abide by the rules of this contest. This proof must be verified by a ForumWarz Admin for the Bounty to be paid.

8. Czarnian bumbumin will arrange a prepayment of the Brownie Points to Evil Trout to ensure that the reward will be properly paid, then verified by evil trout, before this contest can begin.

9. Payment of any Brownie Points will be made within three (3) days of the completion of this contest unless alternate arrangements are made between the concerned parties. If the Brownie Points are held by Evil Trout, then Evil Trout will dispense the reward whenever he feels like it. Czarnian bumbumin cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that Evil Trout is unable to pay out the reward within the three (3) day time period.

These rules await a pending agreement from Evil Trout to act as an ‘overseer’.

These rules were edited to conform to the modifications requested by the potential contestant, and updated to include Tubmails as a prohibited area.


Verifiable Evidence Provided by Molnir and a player choosing to remain anonymous.

Reward to be paid out shortly.

Better luck next time, Wild-****.

Czarnian Assassin edited this message on 05/27/2008 7:04PM
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