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Avatar: Blue Guitar

Level 30 Emo Kid


17. Change of Heart… Sorta; Single Scoop/Min Scoop: Depending on if it’s Single Scoop or Min Scoop, The bumhole will target the person with the most scoops of a single type or the person with the highest min scoop type instead of the one with the most scoops.

18. Gonna **** You Up: Switcheroo’s can be used on other players, though they can still be blocked by shields.

19. Take that!: Shield cards will reflect any attack thrown at them at the player who used the card. However, to balance this, shield cards will only be able to be equipped manually (or, at least, the amount of shield cards that can be equipped automatically in a row is limited).

20. Never Gonna Give You Up: Whenever a player gets bumholed, instead of the usual “You got hit with a The bumhole” message, you get Rick Roll’d (even if it’s just a picture of the video with a few lines, if the video is out of the question), with a message “You just got Rick Roll’d!”, and then, at the bottom, it says “Oh yeah, and *person’s name* hit you with a The bumhole, thus making you lose 10 scoops”. This does nothing to effect Domination; it’s just a little fun little extra, especially if the weeks that it comes into effect aren’t outright revealed.

DrScience edited this message on 05/07/2008 11:18PM
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