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Marcos El Ma-

Avatar: Marcos El Malo's Avatar

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Odalisque Posted:

She didn’t start this thread to negotiate for pics. She started the thread so guys would post their pics for no compensation except attention. If you’re not willing to be a male camwhore then GTFO and send the guys who are.

Attention don’t pay the bills, sweetheart. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. And the sort of camwhores you seem to be looking for are the emo fabulous persons who do the whole shaved naked chest thing. Hey, if you want to fap to a pic of a guy that wants to wear YOUR jeans and not get into them, be my guest. Oh, and I suppose there are the male camwhores that are posing for other males. Try Golden Showers Klan for that.

Remember, you get what you pay for. I’m offering MY pics, not something I swiped from some fabulous person site. I’m offering quality, value, and quantity (in terms of board/feet*).

*method of measuring the volume of wood

PS: Here’s a free sample

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That’s really my pic.


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