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Marcos El Ma-

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Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

chito Posted:

I have been thinking. Sleazy whore disguises, prosthetic limbs, zombie crotches, leaving out MySpace Tom. I think that Evil Trout and company have fallen victim to amputee porn. With the continued exposure, they have been desensitized to where they now need fondle the stumps and be jerked off by phantom limbs. I hate to think this, but the signs are all there, I believe that they are now moving to ritualistic dismemberment. MySpace Tom sir, I think you should be glad to be not included. Unless you get you jollies from hatchet play.

Following up on this, I would conjecture that they are working on an amputee porn widget for Facebook. Otherwise, why exclude Tom?

Also, further proof for your theory: Evil Trout’s transvestite name is “Peg”.

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