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Domination is okay, but I’d like to see it shaken up a little bit with some random board rules that apply once and a while to games. Such as:

“Free Cards (No Greencards, Mexicans go away)” – Everybody gets 5 free cards to use.

“Can’t we all just get along?” – You have to earn your place just through earning scoops. No cards are allowed to be used at all.

“Double double bunghole trouble” – Every card is doubled in effectiveness.

“Three Musketeers” – Every card used, the effect is used on ALL players on the board.

“You and I both, friend” – Every card used against someone also gets used on yourself.

“Gumjob” – All cards are halved in effectiveness.

“You’re such a spaz” – Cards have a 50% chance to be used against a random player instead of who you are trying to use them on.

“Shake it up baby” – Every other day cards and scoops are randomly mixed up between all players.

“Equal rights” – One random day during the week, scoops and cards are divided equally between all players, extras thrown out.

“But I really do like Carebears” – No aggressive cards can be used against other players.

“African Americans in the night” – One of the above rules is in effect, but you are not told which one it is (You can’t see which effect is running).

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