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Avatar: Sancdar's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 50 Camwhore

LCC club

evilhamster Posted:

Is that in addition to the less damage?

It could be helpful. Emos don’t want high defense so won’t get much of a boost- keeping ego low. Camwhores don’t need the extra healing most of the time- and mostly focus on offense anyways. That leaves trolls – fewer moves spent on healing = less damage taken and less time spent pwning forums.

Yes, in addition to the other effects of defense.

Arktor Posted:

I like your idea of making defense increase healing. Maybe make it 2% or 2.5%, though.

Yeah, I hadn’t thought about how much defense the clbumes generally had at first. I like 2% much better.

Marcos El Malo Posted:

Wouldn’t it just be easier to make the trolls’ attacks a teensy bit more powerful until they’re closer, if not on par, to camwhore and emo? I think it would be easier to tweak it for game balance.

I see what you’re trying to do, which is definitely more interesting, but I’d prefer to see EP 2 and a troll buff in a reasonable time frame. Your proposal would require play testing and QA for all three and a half clbumes (sorry, re res) as well as (probably) more actual coding. In an more perfect world, I’d pick your solution, but I want it NOW!! Log in to see images!

I think that would destroy the “theme” that I see behind the clbum. Camwhores make money and easily derail threads with Escher-quality pics. Emo kids thrive on pain. Trolls are relentless low-level annoyances. Making it so Trolls play like a flat-broke Camwhore is lame.

Arktor Posted:

In my experience, the much higher repair costs for a camwhore result in earning approximately the same net flezz as a troll. I suppose you could say that repair costs are irrelevant, although I think that insisting that trolls are underpowered due to a bug has no bearing on the fundamental balance between the clbumes.

While two of the ways to negate repair costs are clearly exploits and hopefully will be fixed soon, the remaining way looks like a valid and noob-necessary game mechanic. The other technique to merely lessen costs I think favors everyone pretty equally. I’m sure another spader could check  /hit costs for standard equipment builds, but we’d also need to know how many hits various builds take on average.

seanpg71 Posted:

Yes – it would suck bum for camwhores and emo kids.

I meant base defense – as in what you’d get hit for with a defense of 0. With 10 defense you’d get hit for 54, with 20 you’d get hit for 48. Factor in miss rates of something like 45% for 20 defense and I think it might be just possible for a troll.

I think my camwhore approach is valid and would enjoy the forum much harder than any troll could.

Sancdar edited this message on 04/22/2008 8:29PM
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