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Avatar: Sancdar's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 50 Camwhore

LCC club

seanpg71 Posted:

The reason that offense helps different clbumes more than others isn’t just rounding. It’s that it’s percentage based.

The 1 point of additional offense gives a camwhore ~5 extra damage per hit for her strongest attack. An extra point of offense gives a troll ~3 extra damage. It’s something like .3 for the base re-re attacks and that’s why the rounding becomes a big factor.

So, offense is more useful to camwhores than to trolls.

Offense only helps when it decreases the number of attacks or amount of your secondary stat that you use to kill a thread. Each point is less likely to do this for a camwhore, because they’re already pretty much going Threat/Vivid/Threat and moving on. If I picked up another point, it would lessen the number of times that I’m only a few pwnage short, so it could save me damage. But since those instances drop my cooldown on Threat by 1, they don’t actually hurt me very much. Also, since Ophelia/Threat is already enough to drop a thread, a point of offense on those ones gives me absolutely nothing.

I think Trolls are potentially more likely to be saved time/attacks by the same % increase in damage. Once again, discrete intervals make the mathcrafting much more complicated than it seems. Leechbait already brought this up in regards to rounding errors; I’d previously accepted that rounding was harmful to low-damage attacks, but it can swing both ways.

seanpg71 Posted:

I still think a forum that hit for 60 damage and took 200 pwnage/ thread would be interesting. That would unravel camwhore and emo kid strategies enough to probably make it almost unplayable for them, but a troll with decent defense might not find it much harder than pp.

Because trolls are so variable, they’d still have a **** with this type of forum. Camwhores wouldn’t have much trouble at all – Ophelia 1-shots whenever it’s up, so you take 0 damage, and Pump/Threat/Vivid kills whenever it’s not up. In 4 threads you’d take 8 attacks and heal 1.5-2 attacks of damage.

Trolls would still take hits on their Ophelia threads, and I think that alone would decide things.

I have absolutely no idea how an Emo would deal with this, I don’t know how they play yet.

evilhamster Posted:

That would be just unplayable—

Take a smileprin XR, take 60 damage, take a smileprin XR, take 60 damage.

Even counting on misses from high defense trolls would still be relying too much on luck to survive it.

With Troll defense you’d only be taking 48 damage, so at least you’d get 1 attack in per XR. You’d still be boned.

Sancdar edited this message on 04/22/2008 8:22PM
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