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Avatar: 12797 2015-07-20 16:59:13 -0400

[Good Omens]

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Wetsocket Posted:

Scully, name one newbie who has the knowledge or Flezz™ to run gamblebot for hours and compete against vanilla runs, coordinated attacks, and gamblebot players.

I agree that it’s daunting, I just think that Domination as a game is more of a progressive thing.

Brand new player – probably not going to do diddly the first week.

Week 2 or 3 – interested players are far enough along to have an idea about speed running, are probably learning how to chain lemon/pistachio – have a chance to pick up a medal or two, since they are in unmedals pods

Low medal count pods – lemon/pistachio can still win with a lucky pod draw, you need to start gambling or be in a vanilla klan to guarantee a win

High medal count pods – vanilla and gambling will win, no other options

At this point, eliminating or nerfing the gambled anti-freeze will simply hand the medals to whichever klan can pull the most members to it’s 2 raids. I think this would discourage far more players than the current system. At least right now a player knows that they do have a non-vanilla option if they are willing to grind for flezz.

I’d just like to wait and see really. New medals have been hinted at, a wonderful group of new Dom cards is being considered, the new mini game is possibly going to have a scoop reward – these could all have a large effect on how things are played and whether hours and hours of gambling will be worthwhile.

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