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Avatar: WetSocket's Avatar

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Currently, there is no limit to antifreeze scoops and no foreseeable slowdown in their use as a growing number of members are reaching higher and higher Flezz™ amounts. Here are some quick facts about the number of scoops you can earn in a week for each scoop type:
Antifreeze: >500
Chocolate: 20-100
Lemon: 84
Pistachio: ~25
Vanilla: >200

The only ones with hard cap limits are Lemon and Pistachio, as they are the easiest to acquire. Chocolate requires creativity and it is not very often a single submission will pbum 100 votes (20 scoops). Vanilla requires a large time investment and teamwork in a Klan as well as visits, so the high value there may be accompanied slightly by some drawbacks. Antifreeze requires only a decent initial bankroll (15000 Flezz™ ) and a basic strategy table, so why the huge payoff?
Now, as seen in several domination brackets, people are acquiring record amounts of antifreeze scoops and in many instances making large amounts of Flezz™ off of it. Here are several proposed changes, to antifreeze only, that I think should be implemented.

1. Limit Antifreeze scoops to 20 per day. Have Gamblebot say something along the lines of “I believe you are running third party programs”, “I have been informed that you have a warrant out for your arrest”

2. Implement a lottery system. Have tickets cost 1000 Flezz™ and you receive an antifreeze scoop for every X tickets you purchase. The payout may vary from 1 Flezz™ to 10,000 Flezz™ and you could include some cheesy scratch game with it if you cared or just make it instantly tell you your winnings.

3. Remove Antifreeze from Blackjack bets and implement it into “Guess my Number”. We all know there is no way to profit off that game. In the spirit of Antifreeze you should be making stupid decisions, not working the system multiple ways at once.

Thank you.
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