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Avatar: Chugging Beer

Level 5 Troll

“Slightly Unpleasant Individual”

Kelp Plankton Posted:

wrap ropes around him and make him your mode of transportation to the magical far off land he is surely heading towards

Using your quick wit, and ever so handy and dandy handbag(grappling hook, ropes, and novelty giant basket inside), you manage to save Dennis. The Dennis Dirigible is at your service!

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What magical far off land were you thinking of? The lost city of Atlantis? El Dorado? Disneyland?

[C] to tha® to tha [O] to tha [T] to tha© to tha [H] to tha [SPACEBAR] to tha [Z] to tha [O] to tha [M] to tha [B] to tha [I] to tha [E]

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