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Avatar: Spider Illustration

Level 19 Emo Kid

“Moan-a Lisa”

I really cant find much about this game to criticize, except for nitpicking really. I guess Ill go with everyone and say that the four visit minimum does seems rather stringent, though it did get me three levels in one day and a good chunk of quests. I’d say if you can make the limit feel not as obvious it wouldn’t be as bad, or at least make it so that if you go to a forum and immediately back out it doesn’t count against you (I did that because I forgot to get the skill I needed to complete a mission, oops)

another nitpicky thing is that I was never really sure about the differences between clbumes, other than the theme and avatar, do they get access to the same basic attacks or are they analogous to more traditional rpgs?

edit: the gambling bot is genius cool, but it only lasts so long unfortunately. maybe if there were more minigames. oh oh, like a link to a browser based style game. oh god that might be too much for me, a browser based game in a browser based game. it’s turtles all the way down man.

fake edit: oh god then you could make a post on the forums about minigame strategy in the browser based game about fouOH GOD MY MIND

AlphaMole edited this message on 11/01/2007 12:08AM
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