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Inspector Ch-

Avatar: 165179 2010-08-17 18:02:22 -0400

[Unban or Friend Th-
e nerd o powa comm-

Level 63 Troll

87 percent more effective than Mandrax

I like some man titles, tho I won’t pay more then a dollar just to see them, cause I’m not gay or something.Log in to see images!

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Avatar: 61989 2011-12-28 11:21:37 -0500

[Temple of the Anth-
ropomorphic Majesty

Level 35 Troll

Right from the moment when I saw Saw, I laughed.

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10/27/11 FLAMEBATE RPG UPDATED Flamebate RPG Dr. Seuss CS for Celerysteve Ban this Thread ET/Chuggo


Raffle Ticket: Canape: hi

6:56PMAAHZ: shh the shy fabulous persons will get scaredf

6:57PMAAHZ: oh i forgot raffle wAs here

6:58PMAAHZ: so whois roffle ticket?

6:58PMAAHZ: hmm?

6:58PMAAHZ: LOL think this oldfabulous person didnt notice?

6:58PMRaffle Ticket: AAHZ: roffle’s my alt

6:58PMAAHZ: go look it up

6:59PMAAHZ: ya?

6:59PMAAHZ: i call bull****

6:59PMAAHZ: who are you anyway?

6:59PMAAHZ: im the fuking DON

6:59PMAAHZ: you are a somebody wannabe

6:59PMSomebody: AAHZ: yep

7:00PMAAHZ: see?

7:00PMAAHZ: lol damn im good

7:00PMAAHZ: and you are the biggest bumkusser ive ever known

7:00PMAAHZ: and ive known a lot

7:01PMAAHZ: earn yout swag, dont swallow for it

7:01PMAAHZ: damn fabulous persons.

7:02PMAAHZ: why would you make an alt roflfe and raggle

7:02PMAAHZ: or whatever

7:02PMAAHZ: you are a goddamn moron

7:03PMAAHZ: damn bumkissing, snitch bum, fabulous person no talent ****boy

7:03PMAAHZ: and i always hated you.

7:03PMAAHZ: say HI t that ****

7:04PMSounest: the chat is so warm and friendly today!

7:05PMChuck Diesel: shut the **** up

7:05PMAAHZ: i dont care that **** needed a call out

7:05PMSounest: I love you too, Chuck

7:05PMAAHZ: hw wont pull a bob tho and ruin his game

7:06PMAAHZ: hes too oldfabulous person for that

7:06PMAAHZ: but i know that raffle ticket is a fraud bum weasel, con artist, loser

7:07PMAAHZ: and he knows im too lazy to follow up on this

7:08PMAAHZ: how a **** can get famous on a troll site by saying hi! for a year and a half is ****ing amazing


7:09PMAAHZ: i know but that **** is incredible

7:09PMthartac: AAHZ:

7:10PMduca: yeah man being consistantly nice is ****ing horrible man

7:11PMAAHZ: somebody ids a ****ing bumhole

7:11PMAAHZ: and that is that

7:11PMSounest: not something I can do, I run out of patience after awhile

7:11PMCanape: thartac: duca: thartac: Raffle Ticket: AAHZ:

7:12PMAAHZ: if that was the case my alt of rhumor would be the ruler of this community

7:12PMAAHZ: i dont buy it.

7:13PMthartac: Canape:

7:13PMAAHZ: i odnt know who to blame moar raffle ticket or you idiots craving for any kind of kindness

7:13PMAAHZ: when in doubt listen to AAHZ

7:14PMAAHZ: inmy 2 years of knowing him i have never had any kind of real conversation with somebody/raffle ticket

7:15PMAAHZ: ponder that ****.

7:15PMduca: I’ve talked HURF DURF HATZ with him :shrugs:

7:15PMSounest: I’m still failing to see what the issue is

7:15PMAAHZ: right

7:15PMAAHZ: the issue is i hate fake bum fabulous persons

7:15PMAAHZ: hes been here long enough

7:16PMAAHZ: i call him out now

7:16PMduca: why?

7:16PMAAHZ: because i can

7:17PMSounest: and fake how?

7:17PMAAHZ: he is a goddamn gimmick

7:17PMAAHZ: who is he? srs?

7:17PMAAHZ: tell me about him?

7:17PMduca: he’s a scottish kid you male reproductive organ bag I’ve been playing HURF DURF HATZ for months with him

7:17PMduca: he actively participates in the forum

7:17PMduca: and says lots of things about himself

7:17PMAAHZ: not that ive seen

7:18PMCanape: AAHZ: We even have his facebook

7:18PMduca: he’s posted his picture and stuff too

7:18PMAAHZ: LOL whatever

7:18PMAAHZ: if he got exposed to the mbumes he would panixk

7:18PMAAHZ: like all the rest

7:18PMSounest: meh

7:18PMAAHZ: meh my bum

7:18PMSounest: pictures for sad children = win

7:19PMAAHZ: ive been exposed and im still here

7:19PMduca: you are so ****ing delusional man

7:19PMAAHZ: he would fall apart in 10 minutes

7:19PMAAHZ: ok

7:19PMCanape: Calm down duca

7:19PMAAHZ: i will never respect him unless he speaks for himself in IDC

7:19PMAAHZ: thats it.

7:19PMAAHZ: otherwise hes a coward

7:20PMduca: or he’s just not stupid enough to argue with a delusional troll

7:20PMSounest: ~blinks~ he was talking the other day

7:20PMAAHZ: right

7:20PMSounest: maybe he just doesn’t love you enough?

7:20PMAAHZ: i hated him first

7:20PMAAHZ: this **** goes back a year ago

7:20PMSounest: maybe he just doesn’t hate you enough then

7:21PMAAHZ: **** em. he cant play this game forever

7:21PMCanape: No one plays the game

7:21PMCanape: I don’t really know if anyone else will finish it

7:21PMAAHZ: everybody plays their own game

7:21PMSounest: perhaps that’s your version of hell- slow internet that you have to pay for, and he’s the only person on chat


7:21PMSounest: and won’t respond

7:22PMAAHZ: i odnt care if he does of doesnt

7:22PMSounest: breathe, darling

7:22PMAAHZ: but other that off site **** or citclekerk thrades, i have never seen the man speak

7:22PMAAHZ: the moar you stand up for him the moar he fails

7:22PMAAHZ: he sia goddamn fraus

7:23PMAAHZ: i dont play that.

7:23PMAAHZ: why wont he respond?

7:23PMAAHZ: because i will ruin his game thats why

7:23PMAAHZ: its funny you all are fooled

7:23PMRaffle Ticket: AAHZ: doing maths homework atm

7:24PMAAHZ: right

7:24PMSounest: ew math

7:24PMAAHZ: you know me brah

7:24PMduca: umm he posted in the favourite drink thread like today or yesterday

7:24PMAAHZ: moar than anybody here, Raffle Ticket, you know me

7:24PMAAHZ: i only speak to you

7:25PMSounest: awww ~unloved~

7:25PMAAHZ: you thought you would never get called out?

7:25PMAAHZ: whats to lose? the mystique?

7:25PMAAHZ: huh?

7:26PMAAHZ: then **** on you, fabulous person.

7:27PMduca: lol you’re angry because somebody won’t talk to you

7:27PMAAHZ: ive never liked somebody

7:27PMduca: look at him troll you into a big ol’ rage

7:27PMduca: by not giving you attention

7:27PMAAHZ: this is the real deal calling out a fraud

7:27PMAAHZ: ive ALWAYS called him out

7:28PMduca: lololol

7:28PMduca: rage

7:28PMAAHZ: so he makes 2 alts exactly the same as his main


7:28PMAAHZ: no rage, facts

7:28PMduca: I dunno man I’m seeing a lot of rage here

7:28PMAAHZ: YOU might rage that i expose your hero

7:28PMduca: a lot of rage and bumhurt

7:28PMAAHZ: yes you show that i agree

7:28PMAAHZ: i havent once said “duca” this whole time

7:29PMduca: oh I’m sorry that I like to point out when someone is being a raging little whore

7:29PMAAHZ: yes you are being one

7:29PMSounest: now now children

7:29PMduca: who is oblivious to the contrary evidence right in front of him

7:29PMAAHZ: now let somebody defend himself or **** the hell up

7:29PMduca: I’m just pointing out facts man

7:30PMAAHZ: yes the facts are he has conned you

7:30PMAAHZ: he is a con man

7:30PMAAHZ: and you all are idiots

7:30PMduca: he has conned me into what exactly?

7:30PMAAHZ: LOL look at you now

7:30PMAAHZ: i called HIM out





7:30PMAAHZ: and here youare


7:30PMduca: I’m just ****ing with you aahz that’s not exactly something new

7:30PMTUBSWEETIE: itc: aahz psychosis

7:30PMAAHZ: i will never likw somebody

7:30PMAAHZ: and thats it.


7:31PMduca: well then you are missing out on a good friend man and I feel sorry for you

7:31PMAAHZ: good.

7:33PMduca: hey aahz you forgot to take your pills today?

7:33PMAAHZ: truth hurts eh?

7:34PMAAHZ: ill get your pasny bum a band aid

7:34PMduca: no just was talking to someone about your little episode and they suggested that might be what’s going on

7:34PMduca: thought I’d remind you

7:34PMAAHZ: oh sunny day, you have people to rely on

7:34PMAAHZ: the real world will slap you one day

7:35PMduca: lol

7:36PMAAHZ: i am still stupidfied why you hang around here duca

7:36PMAAHZ: seriously

7:36PMAAHZ: i know your folder is full by now

7:36PMAAHZ: this well is dry

7:36PMduca: lol supidfied

7:36PMAAHZ: yes i am clearly baffled

7:37PMAAHZ: you arent a good camwhore here

7:37PMAAHZ: all you do id talk about HURF DURF HATZ, games, and troll me

7:37PMAAHZ: and rage in CD about newfabulous persons

7:37PMAAHZ: you might as well be a man

7:38PMduca: I don’t rage in CD about newfabulous persons I rage in CD about the need to change the sites rule infistructure so that it is better suited to the community

7:38PMAAHZ: use your troll login and retire duca then you will be moar popular

7:38PMduca: I like new people

7:38PMAAHZ: bull**** lol

7:38PMAAHZ: i can see so much horse**** here its almost sad

7:39PMduca: awww now you’re hurting my feelings aahz

7:39PMAAHZ: you might as well be a man

7:39PMAAHZ: good

7:39PMAAHZ: i want me enemies to hate me straight up

7:39PMAAHZ: none of this backstabbing bull****

7:39PMduca: rage and bumhurt

7:39PMAAHZ: yes you show plenty of that

7:39PMAAHZ: like when i expoed fingerz that nite

7:40PMduca: it’s my trademark yo

7:40PMAAHZ: and i was rite

7:40PMAAHZ: yup

7:40PMAAHZ: i was right about fingerz

7:40PMAAHZ: ponder that

7:40PMAAHZ: all that bull**** and i ws correct


7:40PMduca: ummm that she was secretly plotting behind your back to bring the site against you?

7:40PMAAHZ: i knew she was trouble plain and simple

7:40PMduca: was that what it was? I can’t remember

7:40PMAAHZ: the cirgreat timesstances dont matter

7:40PMAAHZ: i dotn rememebr the details

7:40PMduca: umm yes they do

7:41PMAAHZ: i know i said she was a problem

7:41PMAAHZ: and you defended her

7:41PMAAHZ: later she got banned for stalking JB

7:41PMduca: that’s not why she got banned

7:41PMAAHZ: whatever

7:41PMAAHZ: **** that dirty bum ho

7:41PMAAHZ: and anybody that followed her

7:41PMduca: she got banned over the chawin male reproductive organ fiasco

7:42PMduca: in fact they made up a new rule because of it

7:42PMAAHZ: well i was right

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Cheins Sanch-

Avatar: 64305 2015-06-13 02:49:05 -0400

[The Airship]

Level 36 Troll

Rex Sacrorum


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Avatar: Code (Green)

[Lee Harvey Oswalds-
Orphan Powered De-
ath Machine

Level 61 Hacker

INCIT is like my birthday party but with more people

The Chawin male reproductive organ fiasco what?

For the lulz


Avatar: 24745 2011-07-31 00:34:23 -0400

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 69 Troll

Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco

Aurum Posted:

The Chawin male reproductive organ fiasco what?


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Avatar: 51460 2010-11-03 22:07:34 -0400

[Dom Jihad]

Level 65 Hacker


Inspector Chelmey Posted:

I like some man titles, tho I won’t pay more then a dollar just to see them, cause I’m not gay or something.Log in to see images!

seeing you banned always brings joy in to my life

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