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XSS Attack

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This attack is given to you by Shallow Esophagus after you complete his Quest for the OS mission. It has no effect in battle. If you use it in battle a number of times shown under "pwnage", Shallow will send you some flezz. He will also send you a short message. This can be done only to some plot-related (in other words, not community-made) forums. This can be done only once to each forum.

Forum Table

Be careful, it contains spoilers!

Forum Difficulty XSS uses Shallow's message Flezz
Denture ChatLog in to see images!50
Dr. Jojo's Plastic Surgery StrongholdLog in to see images!100
Rice, Rice, BabyLog in to see images!150
Fitness fabulous personryLog in to see images!175
Konservative Kristian KoalitionLog in to see images!250
That's a Lot of Feces!Log in to see images!300
R.P.GeniusLog in to see images!1,250
The Furry FarmLog in to see images!1,000
Woe is UsLog in to see images!750
Headbanger's Hellhole...of DeathLog in to see images!750

Attack Pictures

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