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Tears represent the pain of nobody understanding just how HARD it is to be an ordinary, unpopular, boring soul.

And oh, the vain attempts to convey by written word, the unfathomable depths of your black, black soul.

And ah, the illusion of being understood, maybe, in the way "normals" can understand things....

eases the pain...but we are born to suffer, and without our suffering, what are we?

When our tears dry up, our reason for living is gone.

But on we drag, like a very special zombie, until life inflicts upon us more agony.

Tears are the secondary statistic of Emo Kids, and are required in order to use Emo Kid skills.

Your maximum tears can be increased through Upgrade Points, or by equipping tattoos and piercings, available at Infections, Ink.

Tears can be replenished in battle by using various items available from Drugs "R" Fun.

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