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Rerolling Forums

Rerolling forums was the practice of changing the number of threads available to Pwn in forums with variable thread #s.

For example Re Re's, and those attempting a speedrun, would often do this to get the lowest number possible for missions while others do it to gain the maximum amount of threads and therefore the maximum possible Flezz from the forum.


As of April 27th the number of threads in a forum now randomizes every 30 minutes, rather than when a player enters the forum under the right conditions. This means everyone pwning a forum within a 30 minute window will face the same thread count. This fix was implemented because once rerolling became popular, it began to tax the servers.

Obsolete Rerolling Method

Clicking refresh will change some aspects of the forum but will not change the number of threads. The easiest method of rerolling a forum is to have 2 windows/tabs open, One with the forum you are attempting to reroll and one of another forum. If the forum you are attempting to Pwn does not have the desired # of threads go back a page, open the other window, enter a forum and you will get the Switched Forums page. When it leads you to the forums page go back to the first window and enter the thread you are attempting to Pwn again.

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