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Re Re Speed Build

This build was first given to ForumWarz Guides by Pickled male reproductive organbum (posted with permission)

Speed as a re-re that’s no easy task. Clearly your options are limited. Your two mediocre cute animals attacks at level 4 and level 8 will take a whopping 4 of your points, so the question is, how do you spend the rest?

The obvious answer for speed is Offense, but as a re-re we also need a lot of ego. This is how I do it, which can usually get 1 or 2 scoops from Feces (as long as you also have your poetry):


Ego: level 5

Offense: level 6 (this is as high as you can get it without sacrificing ego)

Defense: level 2

Luck: level 3

Frugality: level 3

Recommended Items:

Obsolete Computer, PruneServ™ and Fr4gGingR1teZ 2020 male reproductive organblaster™.

This is also one of the only offense heavy Re-Re builds, that can utilize every upgrade point.

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