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List Of Low Security Forums

These are the forums where the DAS BloodHund skill will work.

Note: these are spoilers to some of the forums you gain access to in Episode 2. Also, this is not a complete list yet.

The List

  1. Denture Chat
  2. Amish Gone Wilde

Confirmed not to work

  1. Jojo's Plastic surgery
  2. Rice Rice Baby
  3. Fitness fabulous personry
  4. Konservative Kristian Kolition
  5. South Carolina Marine Fisheries
  6. That's a Lot of Feces!
  7. R.P.Genius
  8. The Furry Farm
  9. Headbanger's Hellhole...of Death
  10. Cuddle Net
  11. Paranoid Panorama
  12. Paranoid Panorama: Rise of the Machines
  13. Girls Advocating Sexual Purity
  14. Fakebook
  15. Baby Swap
  16. Stalker Central
  17. PrayPal
  18. Fat Acceptance Forums

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